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Translation & Proofreading

  • Native speaking translators only
  • Specialists across all industries
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  • The best rates on the market

At Word Proz, we have the experience needed in providing high-quality, professional translation services in more than 200+ languages for a wide range of clients across a diverse variety of industries, including the legal, financial and media sectors.

We also provide individual clients with certified translation services for their personal documents, such as birth certificates, passports and academic degrees. Therefore you can rest assured that our professional translators and our in-house team of accredited project managers are on hand to help you with your translation requirements.

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Translation Services we offer

Website Translation

Video Subtitle Translation

Software Translation

Adwords Translation


App Translation

Desktop Publishing


Graphics Software Services

Do you have a source file (i.e. AutoCad, QuarkXpress, Page Maker) and nobody can make the translation in this file? Here at Word Proz we are able to surpass this inconvenient through our skilled graphic team, able to work an return the translation in the exact layout as your source file.

We are proud to offer our unique graphic layout service at the lowest fees on the market.

Sector Expertise

The power of the internet and the ability of businesses to harness information have overshadowed the traditional mechanics of global trade. The revolution in communications has presided over an enormous increase of new entrants into the sector. Many obstacles that formerly made the practice of international trade the domain of larger entities have now disappeared.

Language diversity persists, though, and success in international trading hinges on the ability to effectively express oneself optimally, whatever and wherever business.

Our linguists are called upon to bring their experience to bear on projects that involve translating various documentation, including custom, tax and duties, EU regulations and trade and negotiation contracts, among other important aspects.

Word Proz offers a various translations services for all markets sectors:

  • Import & export translations
  • Medical translations
  • Energy translations
  • Art translations
  • Aviation translations
  • Education and Food translations
  • IT & Game translations and others.

Our Services include:

Certified specialist using the latest translation softwares such as SDL Trados, MemoQ and WordFast. We also deploy state-of-the-art machine translation and translation memory software when appropriate, to ensure that the project remains cost-effective to you, up to 75% percentage discount on all projects.

How about translation memory?

Translation memory software helps clients reduce costs and times. Translation memory (TM) helps clients save money on their translations projects and reduce turnaround times.

This is particularly useful, increasing the quality of the translation, as it allows linguists to access a large database of translated terminology, ensuring that specific technical terms and phrases are consistent with previous translations.

Translation memory analyses repetitions and seeks out any matches (identical or similar) that are stored in the TM database. For translators, proofreaders and editors, this means less work on their side, reducing costs and shortening delivery times.

Our Prices:

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to the translation industry. You’ll be able to go onto some websites and find translation services for next to nothing or free, but these will typically be of very low quality. When using an agency, you’ll be paying for a certain service level, but this doesn’t mean you should have to shell out more than you need to. At a constant growing and improving market, Word Proz is trying to bring in the UK a new concept of powerful and accessible service, combining our high skilled graphics studio with the best known translation service.

Both combined to offer high quality services and beat all prices.